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426 Max Wedge by DetroitDemigod 426 Max Wedge by DetroitDemigod
The 426 Max Wedge with Cross-Ram (Short Ram) intake

426 1-4 barrel: 1963-1966
426 2-4 barrel: 1963-1971

426 2-4 barrel Max Wedge Stage I: 1963 early
426 2-4 barrel Max Wedge Stage II: 1963 late
426 2-4 barrel Max Wedge Stage III: 1964

426 2-4 barrel Race Hemi A-864: 1964
426 2-4 barrel Race Hemi A-990: 1965

426 2-4 barrel Street Hemi Stage I: 1966-1967
426 2-4 barrel Street Hemi Stage II: 1968-1969
426 2-4 barrel Street Hemi Stage III: 1970-1971



(The RB engine is a big-block V8 engine from Chrysler. It first appeared in 1959 and was a raised-deck (taller) version of the Chrysler B engine. The big-block RB lasted until 1978. All RB engines have a 3.75 in (95 mm) stroke, with the bore being the defining factor in engine size. Bore center distance is 4.84". All RBs are oversquare, but the sheer size of the engines means that torque is not lacking.)

383 CI
413 CI
426 CI
440 CI

(NOT talking about the Hemi version)
Not to be confused with the famous 426 Hemi, the 426 RB Wedge was a wedge-head RB big-block with a 4.25 inch (108 mm) bore and 3.75 inch stroke. Produced from 1963 to mid-1964, the 426 wedge served as Chrysler's main performance engine until the introduction of the 426 Hemi. The 426 wedge was known as the Max Wedge (the generic term), Super Stock in Plymouth', and Ramcharger in Dodges. All these versions are the same engine, only different names used for branding.

The Max Wedge was a race-only engine offered from the factory. The Max wedge featured high flow cylinder heads developed through state of the art( at the time) airflow testing. They had 1 7/8 inch exhaust valves that required the cylinder bores be notched for clearance. The Blocks were a special severe duty casting with larger oil feed passages than other RB engines and the blocks were stress relieved by the factory. Induction came by the means of cross ram intake manifold tuned for peak power above 4000 RPM and two Carter AFB-3447SA 4 barrel carburetors. The Max Wedge also included high-flow cast iron exhaust manifolds that, on the later versions, resembled steel tube headers. The Max Wedge was factory rated at 415 or 425 hp (depending on C.R.), and 480 pds of torque at 4400 RPM.

Before the end of the '63 model year Chrysler introduced the Stage II Max Wedge with improved combustion chamber design and an improved camshaft. The last performance year for the Max Wedge came in '64 with the Stage III. The factory advertised power rating never changed despite the Stage II and III improvements.

There was also a "426-S" available in 1964 and 1965. It bears little relation to the Max Wedge except for basic architecture and dimensions. The "426 Street Wedge was available only in B-body cars (Plymouth and Dodge) and light duty Dodge D Series trucks, it was little more than an increased-bore version of the standard "Chrysler New Yorker" 413 1X4-Bbl engine.

426 Max Wedge: <----what you see in the picture above.

426 Cross Ram HEMI
426maxwedgie Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2008
Oh yes. B-) My favorite Mopar V8. Excellent shot! :+fav:
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